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What padel racket should I buy?

por Dionisio Ugalde
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Nowadays, one of the most frequently asked questions between amateur players is, what padel racket should I buy? This task is becoming more difficult because of the amount of money brands spend on advertising.

Among the most common doubts is what shape, what brand and above all what materials to choose, so with this post we will try to help clear up those doubts.

Between the most common materials that we can find when looking for rackets are fibreglass and carbon fibre. These are materials which are used for the face of the racket, the area with which we will impact the ball when playing and therefore one of the areas that suffers the most wear during the game.

That is why we have to take into account what materials it is made of and we will have to distinguish the different effects they have when impacting the ball.


What we can say about it is that it is a more affordable material for the manufacture of rackets and brands tend to use it for their lower and more affordable ranges of rackets. It is a very flexible material, much more than carbon, which will provide us with a feeling of the ball exiting further. It is also worth mentioning that this material is much less durable than carbon, which means that if you are a regular player, it is probably worth buying a full carbon racket.

Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is the star material in the world of padel. Practically all the well-known brands use this material for their rackets.

Carbon fibre is the material that lasts the longest and resists the wear and tear we were talking about before, the cost for manufacturers increases compared to fibreglass, hence the higher price of racket made entirely of carbon fibre.

With carbon fibre we will obtain greater stiffness in terms of the sensation of impact, but we will have to make a greater effort when hitting, but in this case we will notice that the ball bounces off, we will feel how the ball comes into contact with the racket and goes out without much effort.

As for the carbons that we can find, there are several; they range from harder to softer. We can distinguish this if we find a number accompanied by a K on the racket, currently the most used by professional players is the 12K carbon and it can reach up to 24 K.

To conclude, if you are looking for a battle racket with which to start playing padel and you don’t care much about its durability and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, we recommend the ones made of fibreglass.

If, on the other hand, you are a regular player who plans to continue playing and wants a racket that gives you a more pleasant sensation when hitting the ball, your racket is undoubtedly one that is made of carbon fibre.

Now with this information you are one step closer to making the most complicated decision.

To find a good catalogue of both fibreglass and carbon fibre padel rackets you can visit this link https://www.padelproshop.com/es/

We also include this video of Babolat padel manager, Frederic Bertucat, explaining in a very visual way the effect of the two materials https://www.youtube.com/embed/i5Sucr-etQg

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