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In case you don´t enjoy running

por Claudia Villanueva

Pedro and Juan were a regular padel couple, they used to play together all the time. But they were different.

Pedro was sporty and honest and Juan was a cheat. He didn’t like to lose and when the matches got complicated he would show off.

He would call out balls that had gone in.

“I saw it was bad, it came out weird… but if you want we’ll serve two” (really?).

He was faking injuries. Yes, like Djokovic

“I’ve had an ankle ache for a while, but I can continue” (yeah, yeah, yeah…).

And he shouted when he failed. To both him and his partner.

“Come on, we can’t miss that! Is us we’re losing, not them winning!” (you just hit the glass three times in a row man).

It didn’t usually go any further and the two ended up having a beer in the club’s bar talking about things. One day, in one of those balls that Juan called “bad”, an argument broke out with the rivals and Pedro sided with the opponents. The match ended and that day there were no beers afterwards. In fact, there were no more games and no more beers. They drifted apart and stopped playing together.

Pedro had no trouble finding people to continue playing with. He was a good guy and was well liked at the club. The truth is that it suited him well. Juan not so much, he gave up padel and ended up running marathons. Cést la vie.

We all know people like that, many people cheat to win, cheat to govern and even cheat to sell. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of “technologies” that nobody understands and of questionable utility. So, if you are in Juan’s team, we feel sorry for you because nobody likes to play with dishonest people when thet want to enjoy and disconnect.

If, on the other hand, you identify with Pedro, you are one of us. That’s why ShockOut’s anti vibrators are patented and certified by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Real technology that avoids pain in your elbow and also allows you to modify the balance of your racket. Power, control, hard, soft, sweet spot … you know. In addition, they have more super cool accessories for you to enjoy your matches and forget about everything else.

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