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Competitions in a padel club: concept and goals

por Daniel Fernández

In this article we will understand how a “padel club manager” understands the activity of “competitions” in a padel club.

I am Dani Fernández (padel club manager) and I am going to tell you the concept and the goals that are directly related to the competitions in a padel club.

The activity “padel competitions” is located within the “padel area” in the scheme of services offered by a club to its clients, therefore, we usually consider it as one of the main activities for the great majority of clubs together with the activities:

What makes up the Padel area?

  • Court rental
  • Organised matches
  • School
  • Competitions

Competitions, from a sport management point of view, are a kind of “development line” for players to play, to have fun and to compare their levels and skills with other colleagues, friends or even unknown clients.

The 3 main factors

In this activity we identified 3 key factors

Player, club and organiser.

Players: are at the centre of all our plans, we must offer competitions that provide a positive experience to our customers, trying to offer differentiating products, and that include to a greater or lesser extent all the club’s target customers, depending on the variables; age/gender/level of experience.

Club: as a club, we must make this COMPETITION activity and its products easy to manage, profitable, attractive and, of course, legal and safe. To achieve all of the above, we must rely on the autonomy of the player and we will achieve this through software that facilitates tasks such as: registration, player classification, drawing up tables, sending information, court reservations, communications, etc.

Organiser: is the intermediary who is going to develop the competition, who must be valued by the manager and therefore supported by the club, mainly by providing him with a facility in excellent conditions and a correct and formal treatment.  It must not be forgotten that the organiser of the event must also meet its goals of diffusion, profitability, etcetera.

Therefore, having understood the concept, the main characters and their goals, we can affirm that it is very common and advisable that each club incorporates in its “scheme of services” the activity of competitions with a list of related products, since the client of the club that ceases to be level 0 starts to demand this activity and its different products.

The most common products in the padel area are:

  • Court rental
  • Organised matches
  • School
  • Competitions

o Tournaments and their SUBPRODUCTS (round robbin, pits and american).

o Rankings and their by-products (quarterly and annual).

o Team competitions and their by-products (leagues and tournaments).

Club goals with competitions:

1. Occupy off-peak hours.

2. Encourage other related activities, such as, for example, court rental, school, personal training, nutrition, etc. Since clients usually meet experienced players and these experiences usually provide the player with an extra motivation to continue improving, to feel better, etc.

3. Promote or encourage the attraction of partners or sponsors; these competitions can be a very attractive and economical support, especially and generally, for local brands or companies.

4. Establish sales strategies to promote complementary services of the club at the same time that we add value to the competitions themselves, for example, provide experiences, gifts or discounts in; bar, barbershop, shop, etc.

5. To provoke customer rotation in the club, as depending on the product (leagues, weekend tournaments, etc.) there is usually a certain percentage of people who are not regulars at the facility.

Final goal

In short, competitions in a padel club should bring good experiences to our customers which will indirectly help us to meet our overall goals as padel club managers: customer perception of quality, branding and viability.

And for this we will also consider other equally important points such as:

  • Design
  • Organisation
  • Promotion
  • Measurement

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