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Three reasons to have a Padel coach.

por Pau Calatayud


There are many padel fans who rely on one or more coaches. Either personally as a padel player itself or with individual lessons, group lessons or group lessons from competitive teams. It is very likely that one of these scenarios is your case.

The most common thing is that you have been through more than one coach, even many coaches.

There are also those who have been with the same coach because they have found the right one the first time or because they feel that he/she continues to contribute to them day by day in some way.

Others have gone through many of them, either because they can’t find the right one, because they have changed location or because they are moving on and feel they need other guidance as their level of play improves.

In any of the cases, all of them take away useful lessons and tips that become part of their baggage in the world of padel.

To learn from a coach is to have a backpack of theoretical and practical knowledge that you will always carry with you no matter which club you play for.


There are many others who play padel but don’t have a coach.

There are a multitude of factors that may be influencing the fact that you do not have one yet; geographic, economic, logistical, choice or simply because you consider that it is not necessary or because you do not want it.

This is totally legitimate, but at PadelMBA we know that this means not improving in the long term.

The consequence of having or not having a coach can make a difference in the medium and long term that is visible to everyone and especially evident to oneself.


Join me in this article to find out the main reasons that make sense for you to continue with a professional padel player if this is your case, or to consider having one in the near future due to the many advantages that this brings.

Knowing the reason for the things we do gives meaning to our actions, knowing why we do them helps us to continue doing them.


To keep moving forward

Staying at the same level for a long time is one of the phantoms of any player.

The learning curve when you start playing is fast and motivating. Naturally this curve becomes more gradual, until it disappears if we don’t do anything about it.

Over time, the learning curve after each game will be very poor and will end up being non-existent, which is why we will be at the same level for months.

To improve further, there comes a time when you need help. On the contrary, self-taught, one can improve in some aspects of one’s game, but as a rule and as a whole, one will not be in the best position to learn to play better.


Tactical help

Tactics are one of the four fundamental pillars of padel; tactics, technique, fitness and mentality.

If you have been accumulating hours of play you will notice that you improve in aspects such as: solidity, regularity, better decision making, management of stressful situations, efficiency in strokes, consistency of play and many others related to the improvement that comes because of the hours of practice.

Even so, it may be the case that you are playing regularly enough, with a high frequency of matches per week and also with a good feeling; you feel the ball, you have a smoother hand and your game has gained a lot of consistency.

But tactically I invite you to ask yourself: Am I learning different tactics? Am I able to change the match strategy? Do I understand how I can win matches and apply it?

Evidently there is a part of you that tries to understand better every day what happens in your matches. It is possible that in some you are getting the approach right, it is possible that in others you are not.

One way or another, no one with enough experience is helping you to know whether you are right or wrong.

Beyond your partner or your opponents of similar level, nobody better than your coach can help you to understand what is happening in your match or in your game.

It is precisely because of his experience that the coach can see things that you are not yet able to see. And I say not yet because that is precisely the value of your coach at this point.

Everything that your coach sees and shares with you is in some way already visible to you. It will literally and figuratively open your eyes to the tactical game.

If your technique starts to become good it is important that your tactical understanding accompanies it, otherwise a large gap will develop over time that will reveal a noticeable imbalance in your game.

Not having professional guidance or feedback on how you play will mean that regardless of whether you win or lose matches, you won’t know why.

And precisely this is the first thing to know how to play better; to know why we do what we do, what happens and to make it happen on the court what we want to happen within our possibilities.


The technical correction of the strokes is fundamental. It is the base from which everything is built.

The technical level you have is proportional to the level of play you have.

Improving your technique in your lessons will open up a world of options and resources when you play. Not only that, but being efficient with your strokes will allow you to apply your strength effectively, giving you the right amount of power with the right amount of effort.

Technique is learned, it is not intuitive and we rarely find players who are self-taught and have model strokes.

It is very important that you work analytically on each of your padel strokes. As you increase your level, more variations of each stroke are required beyond the stipulated standards.

Therefore, in order to have the ability to make all these derivations of the basic strokes, you will need to listen to certain explanations and watch demonstrations of the strokes from a teacher.

In addition, for a good technical learning, you will have to work on a high number of repetitions and polish the technical details through trial, error, and feedback.

And the ideal setting for this is the individual padel lesson format.

In short, a coach will help you to start from the technical base properly and this saves two typical disadvantages of the beginner player who prolongs his practice without any teacher as a reference:

  1. Bad habits: this is one of the main consequences of starting to practice padel without having someone who can correct on the spot or on a weekly basis detail about your hitting technique.
  1. Injuries: injuries can arise from different factors, and one of the main ones that we have detected in PadeMBA, is the lack of technique that causes efforts, overloads and mechanics that are not favourable for our muscular and articular structures.
  2. The lack of technique correction, even a late correction, can be the trigger for intermittent acute injuries or other more severe ones that can become chronic in players who have been self-taught for years.


In conclusion, this article is only intended to invite you to reflect on the extent to which it is worth investing in a professional in the sector. It will always be up to you to decide whether to rely on one of them.

From PadelMBA we recommend that every amateur or player who regularly plays padel should get the support of a coach to keep improving their game at a motivating pace without hurting themselves in the process.

I hope I have helped you to gain a greater perspective on the positive impact that teaching can have on your sport. Hopefully you too will be part of this circle very soon.

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