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What is it about padel that we love so much

por Pau Calatayud

Padel has something that hooks you, we don’t know exactly what it is, but those of us who have played know what we mean. You know what I mean, don’t you?

After this brief reflection that I do with you in order to share this hard thing to define, I hope that we both have more clear what it is, and if not, we will have shared something undefined, common and good.

And even if not labelled, there remains a shared passion, which is no small thing.

From PadelMBA, after meeting many of you and getting to know you, we feel privileged to be able to share the magic that padel has.

This magic can be converted into very earthly and valuable things that we all like, that make this sport unique. A sport that catches us in its net figuratively and also literally, and it’s a good thing that it does.

There can never be enough padel, and may there never be enough of it!

Do you remember the first day you played? Maybe you were very young, or maybe that day was unintentional or you wanted it. One way or another you kept on playing, do you know why? I have tried to give a twist to this to help you understand your passion, so that you can enjoy it even more, because when you know your motivations, you become more aware of it.

And that is the first and last step to realise what you do, to value it and to enjoy it.

Padel is a team sport and, although you start playing alone against the walls, with time you realise that it is about companionship, about empathy with your partner, about respecting the rival who tomorrow will be your right hand, or will be your left hand and will move you to your not favourite side, and although you reluctantly step aside, more specifically to the other side, you understand that it is about teamwork, it is about the best possible equation.

You are looking for a result, a performance, and yet when it doesn’t work out, there is a match outside, there is a debate, there is a drink after the match, informal meetings about padel, current affairs or details that enrich the match.

Padel is a sport in which you will have improved at a dizzying pace, the first few days you will have improved quickly, the following weeks and you will continue to improve your level over the next few months.

We all like to improve and that’s what padel gives us with a fast learning curve.

Padel is creative and has its tricks and forms. Everyone plays within their own rules with their own personal style: more offensive, more tactical, more warlike or specialists in certain strokes.

There are those who understand it well, those who are headstrong and those who fight, those who are elegant, beginners and veterans, but all of them, practically all of them, are players.

When you enter the padel court you feel like a player, you feel that the weight of the ball is on the next stroke, and we regret when things don’t go well; we feel bad for our partner, for ourselves and even for our opponent, for not being up to the task that day or not offering him the best battle.

Sometimes there is tragedy in the air and sometimes it all comes together. I wish I could always play well, I wish I could be the best version of myself on the court every day!

Surely you want to be better and, possibly, if you are reading this, you are one of those who are not satisfied, one of those whose curiosity to go higher visits you every day. If so, don’t worry and welcome to the club, you belong to the group of non-conformists.

It is a large group, I would say the majority, we are all those who are not satisfied with our level of play, we know we can do better and we enjoy trying.

Padel gives us the opportunity to prove to ourselves that we can be better, we can see ourselves competing again, we can share unique sporting moments, and we can go back to being children playing to be grown up.

Although deep down we don’t want to grow up, we don’t want to leave the court, we don’t want the match to end, because we love it so much that when we play time flies by.

It has something special, something that makes you forget everything for a moment and only padel exists.

That’s something that padel has and that we constantly pursue without tiring. There’s never enough, it’s never enough, because we love it so much…

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