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Padelmba Franchises: a business opportunity in the leading sports industry 

por Claudia Villanueva

Padel is the second most played sport in the world after football. There are more than 18 million padel players, more than 52.000 courts built aroud the world and it´s a sport with a growth rate of more than 23%. The popularity of this sport has skyrocked and many business opportunities are emerging in this sector. 

Padelmba Franchises has arrived due to the high demand for quality padel instructors and the need for quality training all over the world. This is an entrepreneurial opportunity for all of those who want to build their own business in this sport with the leading padel training company. 

Our franchisees will be ambassadors of the Padelmba brand all over the world with a wide range of training products for both coaches and instructors:

  • Online courses
  • Certifications
  • School plannings
  • University master´s degrees

In addition, they will receive personalized advice to be able to launch the products in their respective markets with full knowledge about the products and support throughout the activation phase. 

It is a unique business initiative with a brand that already has an international presence in more than 90 countries, more than 10.000 students enrolled and more than 30 partners. Furthermore, Padelmba´s training program is recognized and endorsed by international institutions such as the USPA, the Andorran Padel Federation, The Egyptian Federation and Universidad de Murcia. 

A new era of professional padel training has just begun! 

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