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Padelmba Enterprise has arrived: the training solution for padel clubs and schools

por Claudia Villanueva

The need to professionalize padel grows every year. An innovative and high-quality training is required and there are many benefits when creating a school in a club or padel business. 

The teams know how is a differentiating element that gives prestige and quality to padel clubs. This is a sport that is growing at fast speed and the competition is getting tougher and tougher. Now the main goal of any padel club is to decrease the churn rate of its clients and increase its profitability in order to scale the business.

Padelmba Enterprise is the definitive training solution with certifications for instructors, managers, and club directors. Having a certified club allows you to level up and increase your customer base. How?

  • Increase in the price of the products and services offered by the club
  • Increase in the average ticket: more level, more game, more court bookings and more restaurant consumption
  • Customer loyalty program
  • New billing elements for the business

Moreover, this 360º training is based on a program with an innovative methodology. The instructors will be able to recycle their knowledge, have a specific training in order to work with children and the right tools for the management team to get the most out of the business.

The Padelmba Enterprise service includes the four professional certifications, school planning at three levels and the special offer of free online courses for clients. 

And it is already working in countries such as Kuwait, India, UK, Canada, USA, Mexico, Sweden and Spain, among others.

More information: https://www.padelmba.com/en/training-coaches-club-certificate/

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