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The global expansion of Padelmba’s franchises

por Claudia Villanueva

In recent years, padel has become the second most popular sport after football and is growing all over the world. Its unique combination of strategy, physical skills and fun has engaged players of all ages and skill levels.

Padelmba’s goal is to bring professional padel training to every corner of the world and that is the reason for the Padelmba franchises, a series of affiliates that will oversee making padel grow in different parts of the world:  United Kingdom, United States, Portugal, Mexico and Chile.

Padelmba UK

The UK has experienced significant growth in padel in recent years, and Padelmba has introduced professional training with Game4Padel.

Padelmba Mexico

In Mexico, padel has experienced a massive boom in popularity, becoming one of the country’s favourite sports, now with a view to becoming a professional sport thanks to Padelmba’s training programs.

Padelmba Chile

Chile has not been left behind in the padel fever either, and Padelmba has been training Chilean professionals for the last few years. Due to the high demand for training, the Padelmba Chile franchise is now active and the first training sessions will start this summer.

Padelmba Portugal

Portugal has witnessed a rapid growth of padel in recent years, and it´s the first Padelmba franchise on the European continent thanks to the alliance with the Padelnuestro Portugal group.

Padelmba USA

As padel gains ground in the United States, Padelmba has been leading the expansion of the sport in the country alongside Marcos del Pilar, president of the USPA.

And this is just the beginning of a journey that still has a long way to go. We expect to double the number of Padelmba franchises by end of the year.

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