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PADELMBA training lands in China

por Claudia Villanueva

2023 starts with a new alliance between PadelMBA and the company Seed Star, owner of 6 clubs in Shanghai (China), to promote padel training with this first pilot project.

Padel is growing all over the world and China is no exception. Cities such as Beijing are investing in the sector with the construction of courts and infrastructures to promote the development of this sport that has more and more followers.

PadelMBA has trained the coaches and managers of the Seed Star clubs with the different certifications: Certified Padel Coach, Certified Padel Coach Plus, Certified Padel Coach Kids and Certified Padel Manager.

The company Seed Star is led by the professional tennis player Jerry Shang, former World Padel Tour player in 2019. Its goal is to promote the professionalization of padel in China by providing quality training standards.

This project will grow and be implemented in more padel companies in China over the course of 2023.

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