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You don´t like padel, you´re passionate about it

por Pau Calatayud

If you are one of those people who on any ordinary day a padel match makes your day… you don’t like padel, you are passionate about this sport.

“For you, the day there is padel is not just any day”.

You look forward to that game and when it comes; it goes by so quickly! If they let you play for 2 hours instead of 90 minutes you would do it and you know it.

  • It’s time to play and you think “finally here… here we go”.
  • You’re playing and 1 hour has already passed, time flies, it can’t be!
  • You finish playing and you’re left with the urge to finish the set or play one more.

Padel has something else…

We all enjoy playing, regardless of our level. There’s something about padel that gets you caught up in it. And if you’re reading this, you’ve already fallen for it.

Padel is like a painting that we interpret. The more you know about padel the more you like it and you enter an infinite loop of thinking about it in order to understand it and impose yourself on your rivals and surpass yourself.

You started playing and improved in a matter of days, I’m sure it’s happened to you:

  • You went one day to try it out and found it hard to understand the rules of the game and the rebounds.
  • The next day the ball was slower, you had a better read and you hit more balls.
  • The third day had nothing to do with the first – you were another one playing padel!

It is a very grateful sport with a fast-learning curve, i.e., you learn quickly at the beginning. And this is a positive reinforcement that as you play it helps you and invites you to want to play more.

Are you good, do you play well at what level?

The technical ceiling is far away for most of us and that only makes us want to improve more. We get better as we practice; we know that we are not going to play at a professional level, but that doesn’t stop us from doing it seriously, with enthusiasm or with the desire to do well.

“You don’t mind not being the best, but you want to be better than the day before”.

You improve game by game, with friends, with your private lessons, with your competition group and you have even considered some competitions, if you don’t already play them.

This is your thermometer for how much you are improving:

  • Results with regular opponents.
  • Good results with superior opponents.
  • Comments with your friends.
  • Informal meetings at the end of the match.
  • Open discussions about the strategy of the day.

“The moments that padel gives you don’t happen that often in most sports”.

You finish playing and the pressure is gone and you are left with a good feeling. Sometimes a good game doesn’t work out and you’re a bit disappointed because you put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into it. We know that happens and I trust that you are working on it. It has happened to all of us.

You are playing better than you did a while ago, a few months or a few years ago. You know more about this sport; equipment, players, clubs, competitions… etc. You are getting more and more into this growing world where we all share the passion of 20×20.

“Being aware of your progression drives you to keep looking for ways to play better”.

Padel allows you to exercise, socialise, have fun, think and be creative. You can play at a high frequency if injuries are not a problem and it helps you to disconnect from uncomfortable issues and everyday problems that we all have.

Playing a game of padel refreshes you and leaves you wanting more. If this happens to you, if this sounds like you and you agree with me…

“You don’t like padel anymore, you are passionate about it”.

There are many of us who feel this today and from PadelMBA we are glad to have you close to us.

“We want to continue to share our passion for this unique sport with you”.

We are here to help you learn more and improve so that you can enjoy your game, your matches and your special padel days even more.

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